Nezhin-Area Documents of Interest / Translators Needed

Lara Diamond


I had a researcher in the Chernigov Archives this week copying cases
specifically related to my family. As I was paying him by the day, I
asked that any remaining time be spent copying Jewish lists that could
be of interest. I now have the following lists--and I'd love if
someone who can clearly read the Russian can help index the names, to
be shared with this list and also to be put on JewishGen.

(In addition, if anyone has the surname LEVIANT in Sosnitsa (village
Kariukovka), let me know; I had asked for LEFAND, and he photographed
LEVIANT as well, which seems to be a different family.)

- Chernigov governor's office. About adoption of elections to the
positions of the members of the governments of the Jewish religious
schools of Nezhin ujezd. 1895.

- Chernigov governor's office. On the application of the Jews of
Losinovka of Nezhin ujezd to open the Jewish religious school in the
town. 1901-1903.

- Chernigov governor's office. Correspondence with ujezd policemen
about the Jews, who got settled in the rural areas of Chernigov
gubernia prior to August 1, 1906. 1910-1912. (Lara's note: Tons and
tons of names and dates here)

- Chernigov governor's office. On the application of Nezhin town
council about adoption on their positions of the members of governance
of the Jewish religious schools of the town of Nezhin. 1884-1885.

If you're able to help with indexing names &/or translations, let me
know. There are hundreds of pages here, so the more volunteers, the


David Greene