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Records & Links

  • Research Tools
    Use these research tools to help you translate Russian vital records. See examples of columnar Russian birth and death records.


Records Available Through the LDS Library

  • Records for Chernigov Guberniya
    A guide to the types of records for Chernigov that are held at the LDS Library.
  • Census and Taxation Records
    Based on the content of the original bibliographic records, this page organizes selected Chernigov taxation records by location (uyezd), by date, and by film number.

  • Records organized by uezds of Chernigov guberniya
    These include links to Jewish records in 15 uezds.
  • Vital Records
    Based on the content of the original bibliographic record, this page organizes the records by town, by date, and by type the records for births, marriages, deaths and divorces in the Jewish communities of Chernigov guberniya.

Records available on this site

• Index to Jewish Marriages Recorded in the City of Chernigov 1877, 1879, 1882, 1883, 1885, 1886, and 1895 created by Herbert Lazerow 

• Surnames and date of death of people buried in the Glukhov cemetery

• Novogorod Seversk uyesd Jewish residents

• Novozybkov Uyezd - Census of Jews in 1888 and 1903 (1920)

 Tombstones from Jewish communties in the Chernigov Oblast and their translations in alphabetical order by last name

Bakhmach Tombstones and Translations (39)

Chernigov (City)- Tombstones and Translations (1700+) from the main Jewish cemetery

Horodnya Tombstoneand Translations (104)

Ichnya Tombstones and Translations (5)

Konotop Tombstones and Translations (1090)

Korop Tombstones and Translations (24)

Mena Tombstones and Translations (75)

Nizhyn Tombstones and Translations (329)

Oster Tombstones and Translations (241)

Priluki Tombstones and Translations (446)

Semenivka Tombstones and Translations (49)

Shchors Tombstones and Translations (360)

Sosnitsa Tombstones and Translations (20)

Records available on the internet

On the web site Bringing Ancestors Home, many old records have been described and some have been indexed. Click keywords on the home page. Useful links include Chernigov guberniaPoltava guberniaBirth recordsDeath recordsJewishJews.

(To translate the pages from Russian, try or use Google Chrome as your browser, for it will translate automatically.)