JewishGen Discussion Group Guidelines 
Welcome to the JewishGen Discussion Group! There are just a few simple rules & guidelines to follow:
Topics and Moderation: Posts should relate to Jewish genealogy. We do not discuss religious or political issues. This group is moderated to ensure civility, that posts are related to Jewish genealogy, and appropriate for the purposes of the Discussion Group. Moderators will not edit the text of your postings. Any typos or grammatical issues or misspelled words are the responsibility of the sender.
Delivery Modes: You can subscribe to receive the group messages in the “Daily Summary” mode (all of the posts from the previous day sent to you in one email each morning) or the “Full Digest” mode (groups of up to 12 messages sent to you several times per day). To change your mode of delivery, click on the Subscriptions link under the green banner at the top of your Digest or Daily Summary, or follow this link and click on “Subscriptions” (you may be asked to log in).
Subject Line: Please use a descriptive subject line so that other subscribers can determine if your message will be of interest to them. Subject lines such as “Help” or “Travel plans” or “My grandfather” or “Translation needed” are not descriptive. Better would be “Help needed reading ship manifest” or “Seeking recommendations for Belarus tour guide”, or “My Grandfather STEIN from Warsaw” or “Translation needed - Russian”. Moderators may ask senders to modify vague subject lines to add clarity or they may make minor modifications to the subject lines themselves.
Hashtags: Please index your message to make it more searchable by typing a relevant location #hashtag to the end of your subject line, such as “Translation Needed - Russian #russia” or “Berlin Street Names #germany”. Discussion Group Moderators may add location and subject hashtags as appropriate. To maintain the usefulness of our hashtags, only authorized hashtags should be used. A list of approved hashtags can be found at:
Replies: When replying to a message, please copy and paste or quote a key portion of the original message in your reply so that your reply has context and is more meaningful. Consider whether your reply will be of interest to the entire group or only to the sender. If you subscribe to the “Daily Summary”, you can reply to the sender of a message rather than to the group by clicking “Private” at the bottom right side of your reply text box. If you subscribe to the “Full Digest” mode, you can click either “Reply to Sender” or “Reply to Group” at the bottom of each posting. One or two word replies to the Group, such as “Yes”, “No”, or “Thank you”, will be rejected by the Moderators.
Signature: Please “sign” your posts and replies by including your full name at the end of your email. It’s helpful, but optional, to include your city of residence under your name, but do not include street address or phone number. You may occasionally include under your name some of the surnames and towns you are researching, not to exceed four lines. We encourage you, however, to use JewishGen’s Family Finder for this purpose, instead.
Surname Format: It’s helpful, but optional, to use UPPER CASE when typing any of the surnames you are researching. Please do not use upper case for other words.
Commercial Posts: We welcome everyone, including other non-profit organizations, to share commercial offers as long as they are related to Jewish genealogy, and that those posting them do not abuse the privilege. Commercial posts should not repeat more than once every three months.
No Fundraising Posts: Please do not post fundraising requests for other organizations. They will be rejected by our moderators.
Images/Files: You may attach images and files (if a file is too large, we might resize it, or ask you to upload it somewhere else, and provide a link).
Language: The official language of the group is English, but we can accept messages and content in most languages. If posting something in a language other than English, please provide a sentence describing the content.
Links: If posting a link to a website not in English, please provide a description of the content.
Archived Messages: All messages are archived and can be searched via the main Discussion Group page.
  • Go to:
  • On the left side, click on “Messages”.
  • Then click the “Search” button. You can also search by clicking on #hashtags.
  • If you wish to search for messages within a specific time frame, click the hourglass icon next to the word Search.
Thank you in advance for contributing to this amazing online community! Please note that JewishGen does not independently check the accuracy of information that is contributed/posted. Each member of the JewishGen Discussion Group, as a condition to be a Member, hereby disclaims and releases JewishGen from any liability based on the use and posting of any information on this Discussion Group. 
If you have any questions, or suggestions, please email the moderator team at
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