Name-Change Committee - an omission #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

You will all by now have heard of the imminent
name-change to Austria-Czech SIG.
As Sharla Levine, Bohemia-Moravia/Austria-Czech SIG
Coordinator mentioned, the decision was very difficult
and sadly there appeared to be no simple way to
incorporate the historic, well-loved place names into
a modern 21st century name for the SIG.
I would like to correct the list of committee members.
Uri Meretz, a valued member of our committee, was
conspicous by his absence on the original posting!
The full list of members in alphabetical order was:
Vera Finberg [US]  
Celia Male [UK]
Uri Meretz [Israel]
Randy Schoenberg [US]  
Tom Weiss [US] 
Henry Wellisch [Canada]
Sharla Levine was the Coordinator/Chairperson of the
Celia Male [UK]

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