Re: FTJP #general


Whenever the FTJP comes out is OK with me. I do have one question, however.
I've been fighting some bad health since December, so I don't know if I missed
a statement pertaining to a Disclaimer that the material cannot be used by the
Mormon Church or any other group for Baptism purposes. Did I miss something on
this subject?

Arlene Rich
President, Cleveland JGS

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen's version of the FTJP has been online
since July 14 1998 and our disclaimer clearly prevents the use of
the data for anything other than personal research. In addition,
the agreement between the Mormon Church and The American Gathering
of Holocaust Survivors signed on May 3, 1995 outlines the church
policy towards posthumous conversion of any Jew whose descendant
is not a member of the Mormon church. To understand the agreement
it's best to read, in the JewishGen Infofiles at or via e-mail to

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