Re: GINSBURG of St. Petersburg #general


Because you try to search Russian History you should know that in Russian
language was no difference between GINZBURG and GINSBURG or GUENZBURG and
it was only one last name: "ruH36ypr" (russ).
However it was two different kind of Ginzburg - German and Jewish.
Beside that, this last name was very popular among Jewish community, so
please do not expect be related just because of same last name.

Roman Tunkel
Hartford, CT, USA

Searching for TUNKEL / TOONKEL / TYHKE/\b (russ) and
TERUCHKIN (appr. 1850-1880), NEMERZEL' (appr. 1880-1920), ERENBURG
(appr.1890-1930), VOLKOV (appr. 1900-1920), RABKIN (appr. 1900-1930),
FRID (appr. 1910-1940)

Michael Bernet writes:
GUENZBURG is a soundalike of Ginsburg. Could be the same family. Baron
Josef Guenzburg of St Petersburg, and his son Baron Horace, were bankers
and industrialists in St. Petersburg, philanthropists, scholars and
leaders of the Jewish community in Russia during much of the 19th
century. In case you wondred, the baronetcy came not >from the Czar but
from the Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt.

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