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My mother's maiden name was HURDUS and I have traced this line back to
about the late 18th century in Yorkshire and Lancashire in England.
There were only 8 HURDUS families in 1881 in the two counties. I am
desperately trying to discover the origin of this rare surname. Someone
has suggested to me that the name is of Jewish origins (Hebrew for Herod)

==Horodos is, indeed, the Hebrew name for the king known as Herod in
English. He was imposed on the Jews by the Romans and was not exactly
loved or admired, even though he rebuilt a magnificent Sanctuary in Jerusalem and many other outstanding edifices throughout the land. I would say it would be most unlikely that a Jew would take that name; I
found no mention of any name like Hurdus it in the index of the Jewish

Does anyone recognise or know of a likely Jewish meaning for this name.
Is it a common Jewish name/word ? Could it be derived >from a Jewish word ?

==It appears to have no connection with either Hebrew or Yiddish. It may be
an adaptation of a relatively more popular Jewish name, such as Hoddes, or
even Horowitz. It might also be an erroneous back-formation >from the
Russian-Jewish surname, Gordis (Russian, not having the H sound, generally
replaced it with G)

You are probably right in suggesting that the various spellings may be
variants in one large family. There's no way of proving, >from name alone,
that your mother's folk were Jewish or were not Jewish. Here are some ways
of finding out more:

* Where in Yorks and Lancs did they live; Jewish immigrants tended to
work and live in the larger cities, Leeds, Manchester, Oldham, Huddersfield, etc
* Where were they buried? a Jewish cemetery?
* Where were they married, by whom, and to whom?
* Are they listed in parish records? In the Jewish community records? in
local Jewish newspapers.

==If you don't have a family tradition that they were Jewish, and there are
no indicators that they might have been, I'd suggest not investing too much
of your time on the assumption that maybe, maybe they were.

==On the other hand, "Jewish" names being often so difficult to categorize,
I wouldn't be totally surprised if you got a "Hello! long-lost cousin"
response >from someone on the list. You could also check the
archives and its family finder database. You never know . . . .

Michael Bernet, New York

BERNET, BERNAERTH, etc, JONDORF: Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg
FRENSDORFF/FRENZDORF:Frensdorf, Hamburg, Hanover
BAMBERGER: ancestors of the Wurzburger Rov, Bamberg villages
WOLFF, Aron: Pfungstadt/Fkfrt, Babette GOLDSCHMIDT: Homburg/Fkfrt;
KONIGSHOFER: Welbhausen, Konigshofen, Furth
WOLFF, Sali: b Fkfrt ca 1860, d Rot'dam or victim of Dr. Petiot,Paris) 1942

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