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Joanna <joanal@...>

Howard J. Fink wrote:
Several times in the Tarnow records in the middle 1800's I find entries
where the surname listed is "N." - just the letter N, in uppercase and a
period. None of these entries have any information filled in where the
parents or spouse fields usually go. Sometimes it occurs with children,
but I have seen it on entries up to 30 years old (in Death records). In
the tens of thousands of records I have examined I don't find this
situation with any other letter. Is this a known abbreviation? Is it for
someone without a surname?
Exactly. "N" in Polish official papers (like death or birth certificates,
etc.) is an abbreviation for "Nieznany" which means "Unknown".

Hope this helps.

Joanna Nalewajko
Warsaw, Poland

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