Wiener Neustadt #austria-czech

Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>


My g-g-grandfather, Moshe MARTON (1842-1926) had a brother who lived
in Wiener-Neustadt or in the area.

I don't know his name, but know the following:

1) father's first names: Mordechai Zwi (or Chaim Mordechai Zwi)
2) mother's first and last names: Faiga (Franciska) SCHOR.
3) I don't know his surname, but it ** might ** be: MARTON, KA"TZ or COHEN.
4) he was a Cohen. (so on his tombstone there will probably be the
traditional 2 hands symbol)
5) probably born in Fekete-Ardo (Carpathian area)
6) born before or around 1840.

If that sounds familiar to anybody or if anyone happens to
have tombstone photos >from Wiener Neustadt, I would be most
interested to know.

Thanks for any help!
Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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