Re: Boston Yeshiva #general


Jean: The book "The Jews of Boston" edited by Jonathan Sarna and Ellen
Smith, ISBN I-55553-217-9, has a photo of Yeshiva, 87 Poplar Street,
Boston circa 1920. The photo is credited to the American Jewish Historical
Society. The building is no longer standing, indeed the street itself has
disappeared (urban renewal). There is no longer a Yeshiva in Boston. AJHS
may have a clue as to the location of records.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Jean A. Holz wrote:

My mother, Fanny Greenberg, studied at a Yeshiva in Boston,
Massachusetts. Mom is now 82 and we wondered if we could get her school
records. Mom was born in Quincy, MA. It was very unusual for a girl to
attend Yeshiva, but my grandfather felt that education was the most
important thing he could give his children. Of the four surviving
children, only my mother attended the Yeshiva. Mom remembers that her
teachers would let her out of school 20 minutes early, so she could get
home safely because most of the kids were boys! My question: What was
the name of the Yeshiva in Boston? Does it still exist? If it does,
could someone send me the name and address so I can write for records?

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