passengier lists & sharing a success #general


I just discovered a site that sells original passenger lists; none of my ships
are on it but someone of you may get lucky so check-
Might I add, If any one purchases one can you make the lists available through
Jewish Gen?
I have no financial interest and get no benefit >from sharing this information.

As a separate issue-this community really works! I have found major "limbs"
on my family tree that I never knew existed and have met and connected with
several families, including a wonderful 88 year old 5th cousin who remembers
my grandparents wedding and had lots of information to share. The bigger irony
is he was being admitted to a hospital 2 miles >from my house, where his
daughter worked! This is indeed a small world after all.
Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

MODERATOR NOTE: Posted as a one-time mention of commercial source of
"possible" information of value to genealogists.

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