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Subject: Meaning of phrase and event

<< Does anyone know the meaning of "Svoydo svoego"?

Also can anyone give me info on what appears to be an infamous,
anti-semitic trial in Poland around 1912? I came across it in the
course of translating a portion of a Lipno, Poland yitzkor book. It
evidently led to a boycott of Jewish enterprises that worked great
hardship on the Jewish community and led to a wave of emigration. My
source refers to it as The Bayliss Trial (my transliteration >from the
Thanks for any light you can shed .
Frieda Libaw >>

"Svoy svoego" (that's correct spelling in Russian) is part of a phrase
"svoy svoego ne obidit" (meaning "you will not hurt one of your own kind"
"The Bayliss Trial" or as it was known in Russia " The Bayliss affair"
was a case in Kiev, Ukraine. I will not go deep in this matter because anyone
interested can find all the facts in Jewish Encyclopedia or other historical
The essence: a boy was murdered in Kiev just prior to Paysach and a Jew Beyliss
(or Bayliss) was accused of murdering this child in order to use his blood for
making matzos ( I must say that similar cases happened in Russia prior to this
one. One was in circa 1829 and the accused Jew was also acquitted). Beyliss
was at first found guilty but thanks to many Russian progressive people
(intelligentsia) lead by an Russian writer Korolenko the guilty verdict was
abolished. But that case resonated all over Russian Empire, Poland included.
Mark Grekin

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