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E. Randol Schoenberg

Not necessarily as a rebuttal, but I feel obligated to defend my poor
FEITLER family in response to Tzvi Sinai's posting. I wouldn't have
believed that a father and son could have the same name either until I saw
the 1874 marriage certificate of Joe Feitler's grandfather Josef FEITLER (b.
1848) showing his father to also be named Josef FEITLER.

Interestingly, in the 1793 census of Bohemia, there is only one family with
this name in the region of southern Bohemia and it is listed as VEIDLER.
There is a Jakob and Ann VEIDLER of Kartasch Retschitz (Kardasova Recice)
living in Niederthal (Udoli) with children Veischl, Joseph, Simon, Helena,
Lisa and Theresia. We'd have to find the Familianten records to determine
exactly how our FEITLERs of 1848 are descended >from the VEIDLERs of 1793.

As for religiosity, Jacob VEIDLER is listed as a Branntweinhauspaechter, so
no rabbi there. But then this is what my grandmother Gertrud ZEISL had to
say in her oral history about my grandfather Eric ZEISL's grandfather
Michael FEITLER (b. 1847 Rosenberg) the older brother of Joe's grandfather

"The grandfather [Michael Feitler] was something like a Jewish scholar, and
he was probably like one of those Hasidic types, you know. Eric told me that
his best, or maybe only, friend in the village was the village priest,
because he knew Hebrew and he would often come to this grandfather's house
and converse and discuss with the grandfather. He seems to have been a very
nice and joyous kind of person, but also studious. He introduced Eric at a
very early age into the Bible and brought him to the synagogue and developed
in him this religious feeling that his music expresses so often."

And Michael FEITLER married Rosa BLOCH whose grandfather was Rabbi Mattes
(Mendel) BLOCH of Ckyne. So the FEITLER family couldn't have been
completely unreligious.

The bottom line is that if the record books say Jakob (der aeltere / the
elder) and Jakob (der jungere / the younger) it does appear that there was a
father and son both officially named Jakob.

That is not to say that the record books can't be wrong. I found a mistake
in the Catholic copy of the Prague record books. If I am remembering
correctly, the Catholic version of the 1845 marriage record of Josef Gabriel
NACHOD (b. 1813) said that his mother was *Esther* ZODEKS. But his father
Gabriel NACHOD (b. 1776) was actually married in 1801 to *Eva* ZODEX (b.
1779). Esther and Eva turned out to be different people (probably cousins).
The person copying the records for the Catholic parish obviously made a

So, below the bottom line, the lesson is: take everything with a grain of
salt. Mistakes happened, even in 1800.

Randol Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

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