Re: Descendant of Rabbi Akiva EIGER (EGER/AGAR) #general

Klausner yocheved <yklaus@...>

Jane Berns wrote:

If anyone out there is descended >from Reb Akiva EIGER (EGER), I would
appreciate hearing >from you.

There are many sources for Akiva EGER's descendants, like Neil
Rosenstein: The unbroken Chain, NY 1976, Ludwig Herz: Die Familie Eger,
Berlin 1339, Walter Meyer: Die Familie Eger und Halberstadt, 1957, Erich
Midas: Die Familie Eger in Furth, and others. There is also an Eger
Family Association, headed by Mr. Akiva EGER, Kibbutz Netzer-Sereni,
P.O.B. 70395, Israel. The association issued several monographs of
family trees of Akiva EGER's ancestors and descendants.
Best wishes,
Dr. Yehuda Klausner

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