World wide telephone directories & maps #general

Myron Chijner <mchijner@...>

I realize that the following web sites have been posted here
before. However, there are many new people on this list who can be
aided by these sites. One of the best world wide telephone directory
site is at: and one of the finest sites for
finding towns in any country is

The first site may require a little knowledge of the native language
you are searching although many countries have english mirror sites.
The expediamaps site allows you to enter the place name phonetically and
then lists all of the towns with that sound. To limit the list add the
country name.

I have been on this list for about one year now and am amazed at the
growth of info available in that short time. I would encourage anybody
who has not been to the infofiles recently to revisit that site. The
answers to many questions are awaiting you. The cemetery and the yizkor
sections represent many hours of work by dedicated volunteers. I urge
all who have not done so to join the jewish gen-erosity community to
help grow this site. It is at:

I wish to thank all of the people(both staff and genners) who have
come forth with great replies to my inquiries both here and on the SIG
sites over the past year.

Myron Chijner
Weirton, WV

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