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My father's passport >from Vienna to America reads FRANKEL recte BLEICH. This
apparently means that the correct family name is BLEICH. His grandmother was
Feige FRANKEL and his grandfather was Asher BLEICH. The family moved >from
near Lemberg-Lwow-Lviv to Vienna in 1905.

I was going through some old documents of my great-uncle and noticed there
was one >from Vienna which seemed to be an application to change the family
name >from FRANKEL to BLEICH. Some of the family took FRANKEL, some of them
BLEICH. The document was quite interesting since it listed the names and
birthdates of all of the male children. This was quite helpful and
informative to me.

My relative is going to xerox that document for me. Hopefully there is
an archive in Vienna that has these name-change applications. The same
thing happened with my other side of the family. Would anyone know where to
write in Vienna?

Thanks, George Frankel

Searching: Frankel, Bleich: Mikolayuv, Galicia; Dzinograd, Galicia;
Vienna, Austria; Brooklyn, NYC; Lemberg, Galicia

Beller/Zell: Bobrka, Galicia; Vienna, Austria; Brooklyn, NYC

I am looking for the meaning of the word Recte placed between two last names...
Beatrice Brunengraber, Brussels Belgium

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