Need help finding maternal lineage ancestors & descendents #austria-czech

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Hello... this is my first post to this listserve.
Thank you all for your helping one another! Where
would we be in our searches without the generous help
each of you have provided when you've had information?

I am looking for my ancestors in the Vienna, Stasbourg
and Germany areas. I just joined the French and German
SIGs... and hope I can find someone who might know
anything that might help me find my ancestors.

I've been searching since 2000. I have few living
relatives and they have already provided limited
amounts of informaton (stories, memories), so I need
external sources. I've already searched Steve Morris'
and the Ellis Island sites.

If you have any information or could lead me to any of
the ancestors and/or descendents of the following
surnames, I would be deeply thankful. Much
Chana (Patten)
Los Angeles, CA

Leander von KEISEWETTER (1760, Austria?) + von
EMMERLING; son, Albert Gustav von KEISEWETTER (b.1800,
Principality of Schwartzburg-Sondershausen) + Johanna
MarieAna SCHULTZ or SCHULTE (1800, Principality of

von DORNBERG... I have no idea >from which region or
town this family lineage descends.

Christian MOESER (b.1813 or 1815, Hesse) + Clotilda
DORNBERG (1821, Saxony); daughter, Emma MOESER

Christian Heinrich SCHILDKNECHT (Schleswig) +
Catharina Margaretha HANSEN (?); at least one son,
Joachim Fredrich Wilhelm SCHILDKNECHT (b. 1817,
Marienthal Schleswig) who married Katherina Magdalena
BAHR (Marienthal Schleswig)

Carl Charles Schildknecht (1842, Lubeck) + Emma MOESER
(1852, Pittsburg PA)
Carl Fred Schildknecht (9/25/1872, Milwaukee WS)

R. EICHEL (1862? Germany) + Louise GROSS (b. 1849,
Germany); daughter, Bertha EICHEL (12/21/1879,
Chicago; d. Unknown)
Census: 1930 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Bertha EICHEL (b.1879 IL; d. Unkown) + Carl Fred
SCHILDKNECHT (b: 25 Sep 1872 Mankato, MN; d: Unknown);
3 children (Edmund, Gertrude, Armin) of which Gertrude
SCHILDKNECHT was my grandmother
Gertrude SCHILDKNECHT (b. 31 Mar 1902, Milwaukee
County, WI) + Beecher William COMPTON (b. 1893 OH;
d.June 1942)

Louis NEVILIER (1834, born NEUVILLIER @
Alsace-Lorraine, FR; blacksmith family; turned farmer
at Fremont Lake, IL) + Honora CUTTER (1840, Scotland);
son, George W. NEVILIER (1872, IL)

GW NEVILLIER + Mary Elizabeth NISH (11/13/1879, Iowa;
MacNIESH on birth certificate; mother’s name BUTLER);
3 children (Louis, LaVergne, George). LaVergne
NEVILLIER is my paternal grandmother.

Adolphus Ferdinand WIRTH (3/13/1814, Germany) +
Franciska BRANDLE (10/15/1818); son, Adolphus Josephus
WIRTH (4/8/1854-3/6/1924)

AJ Wirth + Teresa DRENTTEL (12/30/1858); son,
Frederick Adolphus WIRTH (7/7/1883 - 6/12/1932)

Frank THOMPSON + Isabella Victoria PEARSON (1886?,
Stasbourg Vintnors); daughter, Grace Elizabeth THOMPSON

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