Could Weiss also be Weissenstein? #austria-czech

Pam <pam@...>

I have been search for the ancestors with the surname
Schallom/Schollum/Schalom and have stumbled across the following info due to
the generosity of another researcher.

Date of wedding: 26th Apr 1842.
Place of wedding: Stankov - town.
Bridegroom: SCHALOM Johann, son of Christoph SCHALOM half-farmer
from Merklin # 35 and of Maria.
26 years old, [ie born around 1816] single, catholic religion.
Bride: Maria WEISS, legitimate daughter of Georg WEISS burger in
Stankov-town # 25 and of Barbara daughter of Thomas ENTELWEBER
estate-owner in Deutschreichenau # 110, manor Hradec and of
Theresia nee Huter >from Pucherdorf. ?? years old, single, catholic

I've been trying to track down some info >from these various towns and even
though they are listed as 'catholic' ... I can't help thinking that the name
SCHALOM and WEISS must go back to Jewish ancestory.

Would anyone have any good sites that would give info on the above towns or
have any info in their files that might relate to these names? When I saw
the post about the 4 brothers of Weis(s) just got me wondering!


~Pam Frierdich-Staley~
Warrenton, MO
Looking for surnames of Michalek (Michael/eal), Schallom, Steppig, Mees,
Reis, Frierdich, Bangert, Diesel, Hatter, Hoerter, Kiefer, Rapp, Mentel,
Staley, Weber, Thoele, Mitchell, Probst

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