my book about great-grandparents escape from Nazi Germany overland to Shanghai

Epitaph Of No Words

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I have launched my book through the Holocaust and Genocide Centre in Cape T= own. It is the story of my great-grandparents, Emil and Martha Galliner who=  lived in Shanghai from 1941-1947.

During my research I was assisted by jewishgen who asked that I let them kn= ow when the book is published.


Epitaph Of No Words =E2=80=93 Written by Jeanine Hack. Finsterwalde, Berlin= , Shanghai, San Francisco, Chicago, Windhoek, Johannesburg:

My maternal great-grandparents Emil and Martha Galliner delayed leaving Naz= i Germany until more than three years after Kristallnacht. When they eventu= ally made the heart-rending decision to go, it meant leaving their oldest d= aughter Hanna behind.

Emil and Martha=E2=80=99s around-the-world journey lasted from 1938-1960. I= t began on 10 June 1941 with travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway, then=  sailing to Shanghai where they were ghettoized by the Japanese. They went = subsequently to the US, assisted by the Hilfskomittees, then to South West = Africa (Namibia), and finally to Johannesburg.

Their story, esta= blished through affidavits, testimonials, postcards, poetry and photographs, records thei= r trauma in the most direct voice.

Print: Full colour single-sided cover, 286 pages (182b/w, 104pp full colou= r). A5 Size. RSP Price: R280 ZAR




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