Searching the Yad Vashem Database #austria-czech


Hello Austria-Czech SIG:

This may not be news to many of you, but it certainly was for me: It is
possible to find female family members in the Yad Vashem database of Holocaust
victims knowing only their date of birth and given name or nickname.

For several years I have had exact dates >from birth registers in Prague and
Staab for some of my great grandfather's nephews and nieces born in between
1850 and 1900. I was able to find data on three of his nephews but none of his
nine nieces because I had only their given names.

Yad Vashem's "Advanced Search" permits the accuracy of the search criteria to
be specified: Exact, Fuzzy, Soundex and Synonym for names and places, and
Exact, +/- 2, or +/- 5 for the year of the event.

I first searched for "Melanie" (and checked the "synonym box" in case there
was an alternate spelling or a nickname), born 20/07/1894 (exact date). There
are 13 Melanies listed in 1894. Clicking on "More details" displayed the full
date (DDMMYYYY). The search was tedious, but near the bottom of the list was a
Melanie KAUDERSOVA born 20/07/1894. Domestic files in Prague confirmed that
Melanie Kauders was born Melanie Bernard, and supplied a marriage date and names
for her two daughters. Melanie perished at Auschwitz, but I am now searching
for information on one her daughters who may have survived.

Similarly, Elenore, born 02/12/1871 was found in the database to be Eleonora
Laura ZIRKLOVA, possibly the "Lore" previously noted on a family tree. Her
sister, Sofie, born 24/10/1867 was Zofie SABATOVA. I do not yet have confirmation
that their maiden name was Bernard. Both perished, but I can now search for
survivors and descendants.

I hope other A-C SIG members find this information useful. Yad Vashem is to
be commended for the breadth of its database search engine.

Dave Bernard, Sherborn, Massachusetts.

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