Re: what sources list siblings of deceased immigrants to Vienna? #austria-czech

Israel P

Logan, isn't it easier to look for the putative brother in Galicia
and see if his parents are listed, A birth record, for instance?

Or have I misunderstood (yet again)?

Israel Pickholtz

Quoting Austria-Czech SIG digest <austriaczech@...>:

A relative of mine immigrated to Vienna >from Galicia between 1893 and 1904,
and died in Vienna in 1905. I know his name, date of death, date of burial,
where he is buried in Vienna, year of birth, parents' names, siblings names,
and an address in Vienna. Based on non-Viennese sources, I strongly suspect
that a person who remained in Galicia and died after him was a brother of
his, but my attempts to learn that person's parents' names or other
information linking the two have failed.

What Viennese sources might supply the names of siblings, nieces, or nephews
of this person? I am unfamiliar with Viennese sources, but gather >from the
SIG website that the Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler" might have death
notices with such information. Is the Magistrat der Stadt Wien the
appropriate place to inquire about wills? Are there any other sources I
should consult?

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