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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Geoff Munitz is looking for data on the following
relatives who all moved to Vienna between 1880-1910:

1. Jakob SCHON, born Lemberg about 1860. Married in
1885 in Lemberg, Szyfra ROSENTHAL, the daughter of
Aron Rosenthal and Krajncze BUCH. Jakob and his wife
later resided at Wien 11, Pazmaniten Gasse A 28.

Their children all born in Lemberg were:
Arnold SCHON {1886}; Ella SCHON {1888}; Fany SCHON
{1890}; Etelka SCHON {1893}; Marya (Mandzia) {1896}.

2 Sophie STEINBERG, nee SCHOTTLANDER >from Brody,
the wife of a trader. They resided with their family
at Wien, 2, Muhlfeldgasse.

3. Teme SCHON, who was born in Lemberg about 1865.
She married in Lemberg in 1896 Mozes Jozef VOGEL, the
son of Eizyg and Sara Vogel. Their children all born
in Lemberg were: Marek VOGEL {1897}; Gusta Betti VOGEL
{1898}; Arnold VOGEL {1899}.

4. Chaje also known as Klara SCHON, who born in
Lemberg about 1859. She married in 1891, Elie Mendel
PELL, the son of Jakob Mordeche Pell and Sussel
BLASSBERG. Their children all born in Lemberg were
were: Marek PELL {1892}; Sigmar PELL {1893}; Gusta
PELL {1895}.
This is an enormous list and each has to be carefully
checked through the cemetery records, asset files and
holocaust records. As Geoff has addresses he can get
the Meldezettel and more data should be forthcoming.

1. SCHON: A very common name but:

Ernestine 1906-04-24 27973
Arnold 1886-11-10 27974

this couple, with consecutive asset file numbers,
could be a hit - they may be father and daughter.

This could be the grave:
Zentralfriedhof Vienna Gate I Gp 19 Row 49 Grave 2

SCHON Jakob no age given 02.12.1941 04.12.1941
SCHON Serafine aged 62 Jahr(e) buried 07.04.1921
WAGNER Isidor aged 33 buried 22.02.1894

If correct, Jakob would be over 80 and born ca 1860.
Serafine is probably Szyfra. Isidor could be a
relative or a computer error!

This could be Etelka and perhaps a mother-in-law
deported >from the same address:

Etelka Schwarz born 03.08.1893
Mathilde Schwarz born 01.09.1869

2. STEINBERG - this could be the right grave

Zentralfriedhof Vienna Gate I Gp 52 Row 43 Grave 36
DEMERER Fanny aged 62 16.04.1932 18.04.1932
STEINBERG Philipp aged 70 buried 06.10.1912
STEINBERG Sofie aged 80 buried 7.01.1920

Fanny could be a daughter.

3. VOGEL: another very common name and hard to pin
down, but here is the right grave:

Zentralfriedhof Vienna Gate IV Gp 22 Row 30 Grave 8
[date of death and date of burial given]
VOGEL Moses Josef aged 67 09.11.1936 11.11.1936
VOGEL Tenne aged 82 20.08.1947 25.08.1947

Tenne appears to have survived the war years.

4. PELL: I know a London family originating from
Vienna and Galicia - they could be a link. There are
no 1938 asset files for this family and they do not
appear in a Vienna directory of 1933. There are no
PELL graves in Vienna, nor are there any holocaust
victims. The PELL family must have died out or left
before the holocaust.

Unless Geoff is prepared to do a lot of digging
himself - he needs to hire a genealogist to fill in
the gaps. There are many clues to be followed up and
although the names are common - it is not a lost

Celia Male [U.K.]

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