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adonicapr hernandez <adonicapr@...>

My greatgrandfather was Johann STERLING born in 1859
married to Karoline PULMANN.

He lived in Czechoslovakia and then
Sterling is not a German name but English and he was
not English
It is said he had his name changed
His son my grandfather was Paul Sterling born 1894
in Closter, Bergen. He spoke perfect yidish and the
meals and diet prepared by my grandmother were Kosh
(if said correctly)
I suspect there is a secret in the family and have no
support >from my german relatives.
I found through internet in Israel cementery Petach
Tikva Brorria Tzachmeister a Johann Sterling born in
1931 and died 26 sep. 2000.
I dont't know how to move on in this research.

Thank you,
Adónica Hernández Sterling

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