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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Ludwig Marbach asks for details of families with the
names MARBACH, LOWY [umlaut], FASSLER [umlaut],
FRANKEL [umlaut] and FRIED in Kalladey/Kolodeje nad
Luznici in 1793. Ludwig also asks for POLLAK but is
not sure if this is the right family.

Kalladey is unusual in the Bohemian census of 1793 as
ages are given in many instances. The article in The
Jews and Jewish Communities of Bohemia [Hugo
Gold]looks informative but unfortunately is in Czech.

A: MARBACH - There is one family called MANBACH
[second-hand dealer] Sigmund aged 31 with wife Rosa
and baby son Abraham, just one year old

The name may be a mistranscription or could perhaps
have mutated over the years.

B: LOWY - Kalladey has four LOVI families [umlaut]:

1. Moises LOVI aged 50 [fabric dealer] - wife Rosa
[48]; son Abraham [13]; three daughters 25, 23 and 17
and single brother Isac [54].

2. Aron LOVI aged 70 [fabric dealer]; wife Katharina
[43] and unmarried sons Joachim [34] and Samuel [23]
and daughter Sara [no age given].

3. Salamon LOVI aged 42 [fabric dealer], wife Barbara
[40] and sons Joachim [15]; Jakob [10] and daughter
Ewa [4].

4. Jakob LOVI aged 62 [dealer], wife Margaretha [59]
unmarried sons Isack [23] and Tobias [20] and daughter
Barbara [21] - a fairly wealthy family.

C: FASSLER - there is one family - Tobias, a
Bierschanker aged 67 - wife Sara aged 62 and sons
Marcus [20] and daughter Franzl [24].

D: FRANKEL None - but one FRANK

E: FRIED - David FRIED [46]; wife Rosalia [43] and
four sons Eliakim [19]; Feith [8]; Joachim [4] Israel

F: POLAK [sic] - is one POLAK family: David POLAK [73]
wife Susana [70] and three daughters, presumably
unmarried, a 29, 27 and 25 and unusually a
grand-daughter - little Ludmilla aged 5, but we do not
know who the father or mother is.

Jewish Census of Bohemia; 20 Jan. 1793 Vol 1 p. 242-
254 Kalladey - Budweiser Kreis

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnotes: See -

1. Randy Schoenberg's articles on our own website
and Eric ZEISL [wall of fame]

2 Familianten names >from Kalladey [thanks to Julius

-no listing for FRANKEL.

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