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Micheline GUTMANN <MichelineGUTMANN@...>

Menno NIKERK wrote:

I have recently uploaded my Gedcom onto the FTJP and have had several
emails phrased more or less as follows:

I would appreciate your reply concerning Moishele Apfelstrudel
I am researching Apfelstrudel family - they are >from shtetls like etc.
Is this the way we ask one another for assistance? No signature, no
details, no thanks in advance for your help. No "I'll be pleased to

I am happy to hear >from Menno NYKERK about this question .
Very often, I receive this kind of questions, and sometimes even not so
"Send all your WEILs...."
This kind of questions don't not come only >from FTJP readers,
but >from quite everywhere in USA, France,..... =

Once, I was so shoked that I answered :
"you would not have asked this way even to the post office
or any shop when you go and pay for something... "

There are some other chapters to write about some questions.
for instance, people who are asking to send by e-mail articles
of the reviews without any subscription to it =

Do they ask this to other editors ?

I don't speak of people who forget to thank for information...

But we also have marvellous and helpful correspondants.....

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France =

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