Re: Russian Gubernyas #general

Toni Valenstein <tovaknits@...>

You may get more help if you actually gave family names. There may be somebody
here that can identify not only the area you are looking for, but supply
information about the people being discussed.

Toni Valenstein, Long Island, NY


Jerome Cohen < > wrote:

I would sincerely appreciate your assistance - My maternal grandparents
came to the USA in the 1890s - My Grandfather unquestionably came from
around Kiev, possibly >from a Shtetl named Kaslov which would have been
in the Pale - My Grandmother phonetically said that she came from
_Galarny Guberni_, which I have been unable to locate - as she was the
daughter of an Agricultural Scientist, she was raised on the estate of a
Count which would suggest that this location was not in the Pale - Have
you any knowledge of a Gubernya which sounds like this? I was told that
there was an area near Minsk called Galarna which was an agricultural
area but do not know if this was a Gubernya or not.

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