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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Adonica Hernandez Sterling >from Spain writes to ask
about the STERLING family and their origins.

Here are my comments:

1. My strong suspicion is that this STERLING family
was not >from Austria, Bohemia or Moravia but from
Poland or perhaps Russia - this sadly can be confirmed
on Yad Vashem where you will find 22 STERLING entries,
mainly >from Poland [especially Warsaw] with Pages of
Testimony [one in France with an address] - which can
all be followed up. If however you enter the word
SHTERLING in an "advanced search with synonyms" on Yad
vashem you find 74 hits, many >from Lodz and Bialystock
as well: <>


Here is a recent death in California {SSDI}:

Pessa K. SZTERLING dd mm year mm 1990 city, L.A.

2. Adonica writes about her great-grandfather who was
Johann STERLING born in 1859 married to Karoline
PULMANN. It is said he had his name changed and the
family had a kosher household and spoke yiddish.

I cannot comment on the circumstances of the name
change but if I were called SILBER [or variants] - I
can quite easily see how I would change my name to
Sterling! Sterling silver is known the world over.

However there was a yiddish actor in London called L.
SHTERLING - who changed his name to L. STERLING so
that may be another clue [and see point 1 above for
other possible "original" names].

You can even see a Millja SHTERLING marrying in London
in 1896 on the free bmd records: Millja SHTERLING 1896
Jan-Feb-Mar London City London, Middlesex

3. Here is a confusing article about a catholic
STERLING family and WW2 [they may also have been

4. The SIG message archives reveals Deborah L STERLING
who was a member of the Ukraine SIG in 2001.

5. Here is the story [The International Raoul
Wallenberg Foundation] of a STERLING family who was
saved in the war by a catholic family

6. And here is a SHTERLING who has written in an
Yizkor book >from the Ukraine: [search for his name in
the contents pages]:

7. There were definitely STERLING immigrants to
England - two each >from Russia and Germany can be
found in the 1901 census and 5 >from Russia and 3 from
German in the 1891 census. Poland does not appear as a
country of origin. There are no STERLING immigrants to
be found in England in the 1881 census. They probably
changed their names on arrival. I have no
free access to the US censues but the one free
federal census of 1880 reveals no immigrants named

Conclusion: Adonica is not the only Jewish STERLING in
this world - whether they are all related, I have no
idea, but again I doubt it. There also is no reason to
believe there is a mystery behind this family name as
Adonica suggests: <I suspect there is a secret in the
family and have no support >from my German relatives>

... the family history may just have been forgotten or
buried after the traumas of the holocaust, where many
were murdered.

I think a posting to Jri-pl or the General Discussion
Group may be more fruitful. I hope I am wrong, but I
feel instinctively that the Austria-Czech group will
be a lost cause for family links.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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