Re: Help wanted to find BOHMER, LOWINGER, ASHKENES, HUCKEL ancestors #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

In Feb 2006, Donald Hurd wrote: <My wife's maternal
grandmother was Ernestine LOWINGER (with umlaut)
[formerly BOHMER {with Umlaut}]. She was born in 1867
in Podivin [Kostel], Moravia. Her parents were Moses
Moritz BOHMER and Fanny BOHMER (formerly ASHKENES). We
have no information on Moses BOHMER's ancestry.
Fanny's (ASHKENES) parents were Lobl ASHKENES from
Podivin and Katharina ASHKENES {formerly HUCKEL} from

Ernestine BOHMER married David LOWINGER in Podivin in
1897. We believe that David was born in Vienna or

We would be grateful for any information on how to
proceed or for any information >from anyone who is
researching these names.>

I am not researching these names but have some
interesting data on them. I have found a complete
familiant and name-change list for Podivin/Kostel in
1787 [Ref 1]. There were 85 familiants in 1787.

The BOHMER family was already living there but their
original name was MOSES: Familiant No 4 - House No 3
Jakob MOSES; Son Wolf; daughters Chana, Mirjam and
Sara. Other families have wives listed so I presume
Jakob's wife had died.

New names: Henoch [Jakob], Benjamin [Wolf], Anna,
Maria and Sara BOHMER

There are no LOWINGER, HUCKEL or ASHKENES listed in
Podivin in 1787.

The name change document is signed on 3 Nov 1787, by
Henoch BOHMER himself - the Judenrichter.

In another document I found, dealing with the Tax on
Jews in Kostel in 1807 [Ref 2], we find Jakob BOHMER
as the richest Jew in the community of 81 taxpayers/
familiants, paying the highest tax of 125 Fl - some
only paid 2 Fl. Jakob is probably the son of Benjamin
-and it is probably his grandson, Moses, who is the
great-grandfather of Donald's wife.

The tax document is signed by Moses BOHMER.

By 1807, Familiant No 12 is Isak ASCHKENES [tax only
17 Fl 30 kr]. HUCKEL and LOWINGER are not listed as
living in Podivin in 1807.

There are important references to our other Siggers
Hans Weigl, Frank Eisinger, Robert Fraser and Joe
Lonstein's families: WEIGL EISINGER PETERSELKA and
PETERSILKA both in 1787 and 1807 - it is nice to know
that our Siggers were such early residents of Moravia
-more in a later posting!.

And my grateful thanks to Paul King for having been so
hospitable in Jerusalem and taking me to the Library
of the Hebrew University - where I found these
valuable genealogical items serendiptiously in a
"lucky dip" screen of publications!

Celia Male [U.K.]


Ref 1: Die Namesbeilegung der Juden in Kostel im Jahre
1787 p. 116-126 Author: Dr Heinrich SCHWENGER,
Lundenburg; in Zeitschrift fur die Geschichte der
Juden in der Tschechoslowakei - Erstes Jahrgang - Heft
2 - Brunn, 1930

Ref 2: Die Juden Steuern in Kostel im Jahre 1807, p.
261-264 Author: Dr Heinrich SCHWENGER, Saaz in
Zeitschrift fur die Geschichte der Juden in der
Tschechoslowakei - Brunn, 1931

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