Re: Looking for SCHON, STEINBERG ,VOGEL, PELL ancestors in Vienna #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Following my posting on Geoff Munitz's family in
Vienna, I discussed the fine points with him and asked
about the later history of the family. I have Geoff's
permission to quote.

The SCHON family left Vienna for Wales shortly after
Geoff's maternal grandfather Oswald was born there in
1887; his birth is registered at the IKG and his
father was a Brand{t}weiner aus Lemberg [Volkertstr
16, Vienna II]. The family resided at Muhlfeldergasses
No 2, Vienna II.

I immediately logged on to the census of England and
also of Wales in 1891 but could not find the family
[they must somehow have avoided the census] however
they are listed in the Wales census of 1901 - all are
Austrian subjects residing in Brynmawr, Breconshire.
They had changed their names to SHANE:

1. May Shane abt 1859 Head [May is a transcription
error] [3 Nov 1855]
2. Charlotte Shane abt 1862 Wife [2 Dec 1854]
3. Adolphus Shane abt 1881 Son [3rd Nov 1879]
4. Bettie Shane abt 1885 Daughter [4th Oct 1883]
5. Oswald Shane abt 1888 Son [14 Aug 1887, Vienna].

Actual birthdates given in brackets indicating
mistakes in the census. I have no idea why such major
errors were made - unless the dates were filled in
afterwards and the families themselves did not fill in
the forms.

May is a mistranscription of Marx [Marcus SCHON].
Marcus and Charlotte married in Brody where Adolphus
was born. Then they moved to Lemberg where Salamon and
Bettie were born and Salamon died in infancy.
Following that they moved to Vienna where Oswald was
born. His real name was Isadore. He was barely 6
months old when he moved to Wales!

In Wales in 1901, Marx was a picture framer; Adolphus
is already a draper-shopkeeper own account and even
young Oswald at 13 is a draper's assistant.

I thought this story about a migration route from
Galicia via Vienna to Wales would be of interest to at
least two members of our SIG who have links to Wales.
Once again, this family saga illustrates how hard it
is to separate the SIGs and areas rigidly, especially
where the Habsburg Empire is concerned. And also
because of name changes, wrong dates and transcription
errors it is often very hard to find families in

I checked the 1891 and 1901 Wales censuses for
Austrian births and there were 150 and 290 entries
respectively - many of which were mistranscriptions
for Australia. There are other immigrants who are
probably Galician Jews.

Wales, with its burgeoning industrial base and coal
mining valleys became quite attractive to many
immigrants including peddlers >from Eastern Europe.

Generally, residents of Vienna would not be attracted
to Wales and this is obvious >from the censuses, where
a birth entry >from Vienna is very rare [and may indeed
not be Jewish].

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnotes: Marcus Hersch SCHON, [parents Elias SCHON
and Gittel nee EBEL] was a metal dealer, born
3 Nov 1855 in Lemberg - he married Charlotte Lea
SCHOTTLAENDER on 7th January 1879 in Brody.

Charlotte was born 2nd December 1854 in Brody. Her
parents were Anazel and Chana SCHOTTLAENDER nee

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