Re: Translation needed - Thanks #general

Willy Hendrickx <btl10925@...>

The text you wrote is polish
Zaklad (prononciation zakwad) is intitute
fotograficzny = photographical

Diane M. Freilich < > wrote:

I have just received a photocopy >from Europe and need to know what these
words mean on the back of the photo and the current location of the town

Zaklad fotograficzny
Nowy Sacz Krynica
(Filia) Gorlice
do daiszych obstalunkow zatrzymuje na dfuzszy ozas

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately there are some handwritten words
in a foreign language that does not look like Hebrew--tis real funny
lettering almost like sticks in structure. Is this the style of
Hungarians? The letters are not Roman lettering.

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