Re: Familiants and Name Changes in Kostel/Podivin, 1787 #austria-czech

michael miller <mllm39@...>

Regarding Celia Male's posting about Kostel/Podivin, Count
Lichtenstein was one of the largest land owners in Soutwestern
Moravia, and Kostel/Podivin was one of his properties. The original
materials are probably in the Moravsky Zemsky Archiv (Brno), though
there are some materials in Schloss Lichtenstein in Vienna.
Michael Miller

Celia Male <celiamale@...>
I wrote yesterday about the article [see footnote] I had found which listed,
in tabular form, the familiants and name changes in Kostel/Podivin, Moravia
in 1787. The foreword says that the original manuscript lies in the hiesigen
[local] Schlossarchive {Castle Archive} of the Count of Lichtenstein

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