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Dr.H.Z.Weigl <weigl@...>

Re; Kostel Name changes ( Celia Male's mail)

The list, which Dr.Schwenger ( Rabbi of Lundenburg ) perused, were
originally in the Lichtenstein's castle - archive at Lundenburg.
Today they might be einther at the Zemsky Archive at Brno, or
the Breclav Archive at Mikulov.

Hans Weigl.

Subject: Re: Familiants and Name Changes in Kostel/Podivin, 1787
Regarding Celia Male's posting about Kostel/Podivin, Count
Lichtenstein was one of the largest land owners in Soutwestern
Moravia, and Kostel/Podivin was one of his properties. The original
materials are probably in the Moravsky Zemsky Archiv (Brno), though
there are some materials in Schloss Lichtenstein in Vienna.

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