Re: Familiants and Name Changes in Kostel/Podivin, 1787 #austria-czech

Tomer Brunner

Celia Male wrote:

Here are some name changes which maybe of interest.
12. Abraham Lobl to Abraham PETERSELKA 5 [2+1]
65. Samuel Aron to Samuel PETERSILKA 4 [2+0]
Thanks for the interesting list!
My ancestors >from Slovakia (Senica, Trsin and maybe other towns) used the
name PETERSELKA or PETERZELKI already in 1751.
One of the theories suggest that the family originated in the Moravian
village called Neu-Raussnitz (today: Rousinov, near Brno), since a certain
Jakob PETERSELKA appears there in 1669 (source: Hugo Gold's book on Moravia).

Interestingly, in my family which was than in Slovakia (around 1800) the
name PETERSELKA was changed to SQUARENINA (or Skvarenina, Squarenim,
Schkwarenin and other variants).

I don't know if it was officially or not. This * might * suggest that there
were not always an "acceptable" or "not acceptable" names, but just that
the current name had to be changed.

It should be interesting to see if in such name changes lists, in a certain
community,one person took a new name, which is the same as another person's
old name.

The town Kostel (today: Podivin) has another importance to me since my
grandmother's uncle, Yaakov-Koppel (Charles) DUSCHINSKY, was the local
rabbi >from 1904 to 1907, when he moved to London.

Best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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