Salomon BORG {Triesch} marries Magdalena SINGER, 1857 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

If you are related to Salmon BORG >from Triesch/Trest
[Trieschet] in Moravia or Magdalena SINGER, daughter
of H.H SINGER, a resident of Vienna, you would be very
interested in a document being auctioned on a
well-known auction site on 23 April 19.00 BST [source
Austria, probably Vienna].

The document is signed and sealed in Triesch -
16 June 1857 by the local rabbi of Triesch, Joseph
FRANKFURTER. The letter is addressed to Isaak Noah
MANNHEIMER of Vienna - to read about the famous
MANNHEIMER, Jewish preacher; born at Copenhagen Oct.
17, 1793; died at Vienna March 17, 1865 see

One day I want to get to the source of this pile of
"permissions to marry" which appear on the auction
site - where could they have come from? We can
speculate that they were perhaps stored at the IKG
.... and then?

Once again thanks to Sigger Eric Elias for alerting me
to this item.

I have located this grave in Vienna which appears to
match the young couple above:

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 5b 13 36

BORG Salomon age 75 - 11.10.1901 13.10.1901
BORG Marie age 74 - 15.08.1910 17.08.1910
SINGER Regine age 73 - 08.02.1885
BORG Leopold - 03.01.1919 05.01.1919

Nb Regine must be the mother of Marie so possibly we
have a grave here with early links to Moravia.

Possible but doubtful {found in the same grave, using
a reverse search with grave no only]

LOW [umlaut] Eduard age 73 - 15.10.1917 18.10.1937
LOW [umlaut] Henriette age 59 26.07.1904

I am not sure if the LOW couple is really buried in
the grave with BORG and SINGER - it is most probably a
computer error as group 5b is very complex and these
discrepancies frequently appear on the database with a
reverse search. Group 5b is segmented into various
areas - and the graves and their occupants in these
areas cannot readily be distinguished and identified
by a computer search.

Celia Male [U.K.]


1. The direct url to this auction site is not given
because of prevailing Jewishgen rules. I will be happy
to send it to you, if you are interested. There is
hardly anytime to spare though.

2. I would like to contact Mark Tritsch who appears on
a *Triesch* search in the archives. Please has anyone
got his correct email address?

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