FRIEDMANN, ADLER, DOMENY, MAYER, SAFFIR, SCHWARZ, SUBAK - of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary #austria-czech

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Dear Genres,

I have just received abt. 760 pages >from the Austrian MA 8 archives, hoping
to find relationships between my FRIEDMANN ancestors and their families.
In a 1891 hand written "Heeg & Friedmann" factory in Sternberg (now Sternberk),
Moravia announcement for a Vienna newspaper, I found several new names.
Unfortunately the quality of the document is poor, some names are hard to
decipher and their relationships are not identified. I have since searched
the Vienna cemetery database, added dates and some other names buried in the
same graves. It is also the first time I came across Szenitz, Hungary.
Perhaps someone knows something about these families or where Szenitz,
Hungary is or if the town still has the same name?

Heinrich FRIEDMANN Born: abt. 1823 in Szenitz, Hungary. Occupation:
Manufacturer. Married: in Prostejov/Prossnitz, Czech. Died: Mar 9, 1891
in Vienna + (?)
Dr. Hugo FRIEDMANN Born: 1851 in unknown Died: Mar 20, 1922 in Vienna.
Occupation: Attorney in Vienna + (?)
Ludwig FRIEDMANN Born: unknown Died: Jun 27, 1920 in Vienna. Occupation:
Manufacturer in Sternberg (now Sternberk), Moravia + (?)
*Bernhard FRIEDMANN Born: 1835 in unknown Died: Jan 16, 1900 in Vienna I,
Schottenring 32 + Auguste MORAWETZ Born: 1845 in unknown Died: Jun 25,
**(Bernhard + Auguste are my gg-grandparents)

Other names mentioned in the document:

Auguste (Friedmann) MAYER Born: 1863 Died: Feb 23, 1921
*in the same grave is: Edmund MAYER Born: 1854 Buried: May 29, 1929
Malvine (Friedmann) SAFFIR
Adeline (Friedmann) SAFFIR
M? (Friedmann) DOMENY?
Leopoldine? (Friedmann) SUBAK?

Dr. Ernst ADLER
People buried in the same graves as above:
Rosa FRIEDMANN Born: 1825 Died: Sep 11, 1900
Leontine FRIEDMANN Born: 1862 Died: Mar 20, 1941
Sofie FRIEDMANN Born: 1865 Died: Feb 08, 1940
Malvine FRIEDMANN Born 1895 Died: Mar 22, 1896
Sofie SCHWARZ Born: 1846 Died: Aug 16, 1919
Moritz SCHWARZ Born: 1844 Buried: Oct 30, 1924

Note: In abt. 1850, the FRIEDMANN family started a "Textile" business in
Sternberg (now Sternberk), Moravia. In 1852, Anton Heeg, Ignatz Schottik and
Heinrich FRIEDMANN formed a firm named "Heeg, Schottik & Friedmann". In 1863
Johann Kuntner sold the "current post office" factory building to Anton Heeg
& Heinrich FRIEDMANN. In 1868 the partnership dissolved, Anton sold his
share to Heinrich and a new larger factory was built. Heinrich died in 1891,
Ludwig FRIEDMANN inherited the building and sold it in 1909. *In 1908,
Arthur FRIEDMANN (my great-grandfather) bought Ludwig's shares and became
the sole owner of "Heeg & Friedmann".

*Son of Bernhard above: Arthur FRIEDMANN Born: Jul 12, 1877 in Vienna
Died: Feb 06 or 15, 1929 in Berlin, Germany on a business trip. Occupation:
Textile Manufacturer in Vienna & Sternberg (k), Mor. + Leonie
Born: Mar 31, 1884 in Vienna Married: Mar 25, 1906 in Vienna. Died: Jan 26,
1966 in New York, NY.

Thank you for your help,

Peter Rohel, Toronto, Canada
Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loeb + Associates (genealogy web site with 3600 names)

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