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Did not know Vladimir JABOTINSKY lived in Prague.
I don't think JABOTINSKY lived in Prague. He continually traveled
throughout Europe and visited my grandfather in my grandparents home
whenever he arrived in Prague. My mother remembered his visits and
particularly his remarks about Hitler "We are going to dance on his grave",
JABOTINSKY predicted. He also wrote numerous articles which were published
in my grandfather's publication Der Judenstaadt - urging the youth -
especially the youth- to leave for Palestine. One of the articles (1934 or
1935) urging people to leave referred to the tragedy of "our brothers in
Germany" and that the Czechoslovak Jews will be next.

Zionists and Revisionist congresses in Prague.
I would appreciate knowing the web site listing these congresses. There was
one photo in Der Judenstaadt taken at a Congress in Karlovy Vary (there may
be more) and I have an envelope with the first stamps of Masarik stamped
with black Jewish Stars (>from Carlsbad) in honor of the Congress (I have to
look up the year).

Alexander Ringer speculates that SCHOENBERG was influenced by JABOTINSKY.
Your grandfather was one of the greatest figures in 20th century music and
it seems an avid Zionist with an urgency to alert Jews and save lives. My
grandfather did the same throughout Czechoslovakia, before he left proudly
on the first Jewish ship, Tel Aviv, >from Trieste. As to his being
influenced by JABOTINSKY - you may want to research the Beit Jabotinsky
archives in Tel Aviv. They published many of JABOTINSKY'S letters and will
be publishing more over the next four to five years. I found an original
letter written by my grandfather Viktor KOHN to JABOTINSKY and JABOTINSKY'S
comments written on the original letter. There were several other letters
related to a Jewish Bank, Bank Heamel that my grandfather, a bank director
for 35 years in Prague, tried to establish in Palestine. There were some
complications with the establishment of this bank and there is a
correspondence between JABOTINSKY and others in relation to this bank (in
Russian). The archivist at Beit Jabotinsky said he spoke 15 languages.

My grandfather SCHOENBERG of course knew WERFEL.
Unfortunately I don't have any personal stories about WERFEL except that he
went to gymnasium with my grandfather and was a friend. Egon KISCH was in
the same class.

I am curious to hear more about MAX BROD.
Max BROAD was my grandfather's classmate and good friend in Prague as well
as in Tel Aviv. Since my grandfather Viktor KOHN was also Franz KAFKA'S
second cousin there was that connection as well. In Tel Aviv my late uncle
Walter Yehuda (KOHN) COHEN, chief of classical music broadcasting for Kol
Yisrael, wrote a book together with Max BROAD "Die Music Israels." My aunt
said that Max BROD was charming and that many women liked him very much
although he was not good looking. He used to come to my grandparent's home
on Friday nights for musical evenings.

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.

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Viktor KOHN was a leader in the Jewish Community in
Prague, one of the founders and supporters of the Jewish Day School, a
representative of the Jewish minority to the Czech Parliament,
representative of Keren Kayemet and Keren Hayesod, founder and supporter
of > a refugee center for Polish Jews, publisher of Der Judenstaadt - a Zionist
publication, and a friend of Max BROD, Vladimir JABOTINSKY, Franz WERFEL,
etc. He took his entire immediate family to Palestine in 1936 where he
later died and is buried.

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