Re: FRIEDMANN, ADLER, DOMENY, MAYER, SAFFIR, SCHWARZ, SUBAK - of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary #austria-czech

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

Peter Rohel enquired about the location of Szenitz where he notes that
Heinrich FRIEDMANN was born about 1823.

Szenitz is now Senica in Slovakia, and was also known in Hungarian as Szenicz.
Its co-ordinates are 48°41' 17°22'. It is where my wife's great-grandfather
Eduard LAUFER was born according to the record of his marriage to Francisca
KLEPPERLE in Vienna in 1859. That record mentions that Eduard LAUFER was 40
Years old and his parents were Moses LAUFER and Betty geb. FRIEDMANN

Would Peter Rohel please check the documentation he received >from MA8 to see
if there is any mention of Betty FRIEDMANN/LAUFER.

Peter also notes that Heinrich FRIEDMANN died in Prossnitz/Prostejov in
Moravia. Prossnitz was famous in the 19th Century for the manufacture of
ready-to-wear clothing. Apparently that was a fairly new concept then, as
previously all clothing was made to measure.

Sydney, Australia

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