finding parent names??? #general

Denise Mumphrey <dmumphre@...>

Hey Genner's,

I first want to thank this discussion group. Several years ago, I was
subscribed to it, and made a couple of posts before losing computer access
and not regaining it until a while ago. I made another post once I was
resubscribed, and found a "distant" cousin in California. We've been
helping each other as much as possible, and it's been great! Now for my
question to all of you.

We know we have the family connection, but we *think* that Steve's
ggrandmother was my gggrandfather's sister. The problem is that we dont
know what my gggrandfather's parents names were. Steve has a copy of the
death certificate, but says that his parents names are not on it. From
what I know, he (Frank GREENBERG) was born in Kiev, Russia, but that is
only >from word of mouth. Is there a way for us to find out what his
parents names were, and if so, where do we look?

Thanks in advance, none of you have let me down so far... :)

Denise Mumphrey


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