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Alexander Sharon <sharon@...>

Mel Werbach <mwerbach@...> wrote in message
According to a Ukrainian 1875 register, my great grandfather's name was
Chaim-Mechel Abramovitch Verbukh.
Based on Jewish naming customs of the time, what would *his* father's
first name
have been? Mechel, Abraham, or ?? (His sons were Menachim Chaim and
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Mel (Menachim) Werbach
Chaim-Mechel father's name was Abram, hence all kids would use "Abramovicz"
(Abramovitch), the patronym as this a custom in Russian tradition. Ladies on
the other hand would add to their first names (or double names, as
approriate), patronym "Abramovna", as daughter of Abram.
Mechel - is this correct spelling? Shouldn't be a Mendel by any chance?

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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