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alter ophir <alterdina@...>

Mel Werbach wrote:

According to a Ukrainian 1875 register, my great grandfather's name was
Chaim-Mechel Abramovitch Verbukh.
Based on Jewish naming customs of the time, what would *his* father's first name
have been? Mechel, Abraham, or ?? (His sons were Menachim Chaim and Shulim
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Mel (Menachim) Werbach
Dear Mel,
Chaim- Mechel Abramovitch Verbukh is in the Russian custom of a person being called
also by his paternal name, Chaim-Mechel (Michal) son of Abraham Verbukh.
The conclusion is obvious, his fathers name was Abraham

Alter Ophir

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