Re: Yetta/Henrietta? #general

Ralph Berrick <rbofrb@...>

I believe the Americanized name is Yetta. My grandmother was Yucha,
a/k/a/ Yetta, born in Russia around 1850.
Ralph Berrick
San Diego, Ca.

Herb wrote:

I have several relatives who were born in Europe in the late
1800s-early 1900s and were called Yetta. Their Americanized name is
usually Ethel. However there is no set rule in translating between
Yiddish/Hebrew names and an Americanized version.
Herb Meyers
Boulder, Colorado

Sandy Bursten wrote in message <379966BA.875447DA@...>...
Is it likely that a woman born in the United States would use the
nickname Yetta in the early 1900s? I am trying to determine the
identity of a relative called "Aunt Yetta" in a picture of my
grandparents. She also signed her name as "Aunt Yetta" when she

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