Re: Yetta/Henrietta? #general


According to her tombstone, my GGgm was Henriette STERN.

A roster of name changes lists her as Goetchen Compel (her father's name was
Compel, or something like it), who changes her name in 1808 to Hemriette
MARCUSE. I wont bore you with details of how the Family name came about, but
she was the spouse of Hirsch Jonas, who changed his name to Henri STERN.

In a document dated 1801 she is listed as Gudula Compel.

All this on the left (West) bank of the Rhine in Germany

But never a Yetta in sight!

A Yetta can indeed become a Henrietta , but a Henrietta could have owned any
other name before changing, for whatever reason and in whatever location, to

Names are funny that way!

-=David Stern=- in Mill Valley, CA

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