Records Management System #general

Stephanie Lewis <steflewis@...>

Dear friends,

Have been away >from the group for about 11 days, on vacation, and
suffering >from withdrawal.

As I prepare to go to NY and try to accomplish lots, I could use some
advice about managing my records. Does anyone have a goot reference to
a book or other information on this topic?? I know there's a seminar
on the subject at the conference, but I could sure use the help _now_.

More specifically, here's my problem. When I started doing this about
a year ago, I set up my own system to organize the records I secured.
Basically it's just file folders in a a box. They are color coded,
red, blue, yellow and green - to reflect that they are part of my
mother's family, my father's family, my spouse's mom's family, his
dad's family. Then they are by the last name of the family member, and
each file contains the records of a couple. Well, that has worked
pretty well, but I'm getting to the point where I need some kind of
chart to show me what kinds of materials I already have, for the
various people - i.e., passenger list, naturalization info, census
info, birth, death, marriage records, etc. etc. etc. It seems like it
should be able to indicate that I have records or that I looked for it
in a particular place and couldn't find it. Maybe some kind of chart?
Does this make sense??

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can provide. I'd hate to waste
valuable time in NY looking for something I already have...

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can send.


Stephanie Whitlon Lewis
Voorhees, New Jersey

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