Jewish Business in China #general


Jewish Business in China
N. WAGMAN & Company
Importers/exporters/dressers in brush and weaving of hair and
bristles, had branch office in Tientsin, China. The business was
called "Standard Export Company"; it was a British company. The
company imported pig bristles and hides >from China which were used
for brushes. The business was nationalized by the communists in
1949. The business in China began in 1919 in a factory owned by
the Wagmans. The were able to return to China in 1972 as a result
of Nixon's "ping pong diplomacy". On February 8, 1917 a ticket was
purchased (>from the Rosenbaum Bank, Philadelphia, PA) for Oscar
Wagman to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia. >from there he was
booked on the "Empress of Asia" (Canadian Pacific Line) to Nagasaki
and Yokohama Japan. He went to China, Japan and Siberia again on
9/18/1919 >from Vancouver; he went to Tientsin on 9/11/1921, and
again in 1922. Oscar came >from Kolki (Volhynia Gubernia) in 1911; he
worked with his brother, Nathan WAGMAN, and brother-in-law, Samuel
ZUCK, in the horsehair dressing business in Philadelphia, PA. Does
anyone know anything about the Russian Jews who were in Tientsin,
China in the early part of the 1900s?
Thank you.
Selma Neubauer
Philadelphia, PA

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