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Are there any agreed upon standards for inputing data. In particular,
could I denote that someone perished in the Holocaust or was a
survivor of
the Holocaust?

I have been putting it in the Place-of-Death field and the Buried
field in my database. In all the cases I have so far, I do not
actually know exactly where and when they died. So rather than put
guess-timates into the Date-of-Death field, I record the date of death
as "Unknown" and the place of death as "WW2". If I am not sure if the
relative died in the holocaust, but he didn't survive the war, I put a
question mark after WW2, "WW2?". In the Buried field, I put a more
readable note, usually "Probably died in the Holocaust".
The advantage of doing it this way is that in an outline of the
family tree or a simple descendant tree with just birth and death
info, it will appear "d: Unknown in WW2", which is clear enough for a
Jewish genealogy what probably happened. The Buried field records the
extent of what I know about what happened to that relative. Another
advantage is that I can search for "WW2" in the Place-of-Death field
to search the database for all such relatives.
So far, I know the names of some relatives who survived the
Holocaust, but I don't know when or where they died (they were stuck
behind the Iron Curtain after the war and contact was lost). Then, I
put "Aft. 1945" in the Date-of-Death field and "Europe" in the
Place-of-Death field. In the Notes field or sometimes in the Military
field I record what little I know of their WW2 experience.
But this is just the way I do it. I don't know of any standard

Randell Weiss
Medford, Massachusetts

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