Rabbi Samuel ARJE of Prague #austria-czech

Renee Steinig <rsteinig@...>

I am researching the descendants of Zvi Hersch ARIE and Chane
ROSENBERG, whose five known children were probably born in or near
Zaleszczyki, Austria (now Zaleshchiki, Ukraine) in the 1860s-1880s.

By 1930, one of the children, Samuel ARJE, lived in Prague, where
he was the rabbi of the Smichov Synagogue. Samuel and his three sons
were able to escape to England but he reportedly returned to Prague
to serve the Jewish community right after the war. Later he went to
Palestine/Israel and was a professor of Egyptology. At one time he
served as a British Chaplain in Palestine.

One of his sons returned to Prague after the war and lived there
until the Soviet invasion in 1968. Another son settled in Israel and
one remained in England, where he at one time worked for the BBC.

Does anyone recognize this family?



Renee Steinig
Dix Hills (Long Island), New York, USA

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