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Both of my grandparents list Tarnow as their place of birth on some
records but my grandfather lists Rozwadow as his place of birth in other
records. This was a small shtetl near Tarnow and I wonder if people just
listed Tarnow as place of birth since that was a larger city. I can't
seem to find any record of my grandmother's family in Tarnow which makes
me wonder which small shtetl see may have been from. Does anyone have
any ideas?
Indy Rebhun Spector
Rozwadow is not situated near Tarnow but is close to Tarnobrzeg. Sometimes
towns Tarnow, Tarnobrzeg and Tarnogrod are mixed up in people's records.
Perhaps this is a reason that records are not available in Tarnow. Rozwadow
is located on the outskirts of modern town Stalowa Wola, close to the old,
pre WWII Austrian-Russian borders and Kielce province.

To obtain records >from Tarnobrzeg area, you should contact archives in
Rzeszow, the capital city of Wojewodztwo (Voyevodship, Province)
Podkarpackie which encompasses Stalowa Wola and near by Rozwadow.

Alexander Sharon

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