Monica Leonards #austria-czech

Phillip Lederer <lederer@...>

I met Monica at the Toronto Conference. Like most of us Bohemians,
we speculated on possible multiple connections through common names
and places such the dorf of Krinek where we both had g grandparents.
I was in slight awe considering her connection to the MAHLER family.
It was wonderful for me to meet her and the other attending
correspondents >from this group that I knew only >from the limited
perspective of this newsgroup. I have found that many of us share so
much in family backgrounds and family history, wandering >from Bohemia
to Vienna and then, somehow, to safer shores.

I found Monica to be smart, knowledgeable, warm, articulate and
sensible. I recall she talked quickly and had a lot to say that I
found terrifically interesting. It was a great pleasure getting to
know her a bit. I long ago planned to team up with her on Krinek but
never got around to it.

It is a shock that such as young, attractive and vital person has
left us. I will write to her family to express my sadness at this
great loss.

Phil Lederer
Rochester NY

MODERATOR NOTE: Monica's obituary can be viewed online by going to and entering her last name in
the search box. Undoubtedly we all extend our condolences to her family.

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