Austrian and Czech Doctors - WODAK #austria-czech

Charlie Roberts <charlie.roberts@...>

Regarding Erika and Celia's recent postings regarding Czech doctors, in my
researches on the people with the name WODAK on the Yad Vashem website, I
came across Dr Anna Wodak b. 20 Sep 1903 deported >from Brno to
Theresienstadt on 29 Mar 1942 and subsequently to Auschwitz on 15 Dec 1943.

I have built up a large WODAK database covering Austria, Bohemia and
Moravia. I am particularly interested in any Wodaks >from Brumovice,
Dambrovice and Vienna and would appreciate SIG members contacting me about
anyone with he name WODAK on their family tree. Many of the Wodak names on
my database are unlinked and your response might enable me to link them into
family trees.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide

Charlie Roberts

Researching AUFRICHTIG - >from Boskovice, Vienna, Czech lands, Austria and
WODAK - >from Brumovice, Dambrovice, Czech lands and
LOKSCHAN - >from Boskovice, Czech lands, Vienna, Austria
HUSSERL/HAUSLER - >from Boskovice, Czech lands, Vienna

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