Re: Litofsky as residence on arrival record #general

MarkGrekin <markgrekin@...> (LSHAPSKI) wrote:
<< One of my grandfather's arrival records (there are two, since he first
arrived in NY, was sent up to Canada, and soon afterwards returned to NY by
train) states that his last permanent residence was "Litofsky". I have
been unable to find this name in WOWW or Shtetl Seeker. Does anyone know
where this town was located? >>

In the old days town of Brest was also known either as Brest-Litovsk (as
you mentioned) or Brest-Litovsky. Probably a clerk misspeled "f" for "v"
and just showed only last part of the name. In combinations such as
Brest-Litovsky, Kamenets-Podol'sky, Novgorod-Volynsky, etc. the second
part is an adjective (atribute) that shows where the city (Brest, Kamenets,
Novgorod)is located (thus near Litva-Lithuania, Podolia, Volynia)
There are no such towns as just Litovsky, Podol'sky, Volynsky, though
there are towns Podol'sk, Volynsk (but these are nouns not adjectives).
Mark Grekin

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